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Kligman’s formula has hydroquinone (4%-5%), tretinoin (0.025% to 0.1%), and hydrocortisone 1%. The hydroquinone is a tyrosinase inhibitor that stops production of melanin (skin pigment). Tretinoin helps skin turnover and ‘flushes’ pigmentation out. Kligman’s formula is the most effective hyperpigmentation formula available. Combined with sunscreen it can help treatment of melasma, fade sun-induced dark spots (age spots), and is especially helpful with the treatment of post-acne dark spots. What are the disadvantages for the Kligman formula? 1.

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Nevertheless, it has given no good results in patients suffering of senile lentigo (old age spots). Kligman’s Formula is a skin lightening formulation that consists of hydroquinone + Retin A + corticosteroid .The combination of these ingredients results in a potent skin lightening formulation that can be used to treat conditions involving hyperpigmentation, melasma, age spots and dark marks. Kligman’s formula has hydroquinone (4%-5%), tretinoin (0.025% to 0.1%), and hydrocortisone 1%. The hydroquinone is a tyrosinase inhibitor that stops production of melanin (skin pigment).

100,00 g Aplicación Tratamiento de cicatrizes pigmentadas y cloasma gravídico The kligman's formula fights it correctly when the person wasn't originally too dark skin. In the other case, the kligman's formula can increase the bad appearance of your cheeks/temples (after a period of good results).

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Retinoids: prescription-strength vitamin-A derivative (.025% tretinoin) to increase penetration of hydroquinone 3. Hydrocortisone: a mild The Kligman formula is a pomade with a hydroquinone base, retinoic acid and corticosteroid.

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Kligman formula

i give this link to those interested in the most potent bleaching products.

2017-11-04 In 1975, a new formula was introduced by Kligman & Willis (9) for the effective treatment of hyperpig-mentation that consisted of hydroquinone 5%, tre-tinoin 0.1%, and dexamethasone 0.1%. Known today as “Kligman’s formula”, this combination was found to be more therapeutically effective in treating PIH, Table 2 Gender distribution in treatment groups, group A (2% kojic acid) and group B (modified Kligman formula ). Table 3 Clinical type in treatment groups group A (2% kojic acid) and group B (modified Kligman formula ). Efficacy and safety of 2% kojic acid containing formulation versus modified Kligman's formula in melasma - a comparative study. Background: Kligman's formula (KF) remains to date the dermatologists' treatment of choice for melasma. This study was aimed at the evaluation of the effectiveness of Modified Kligman's formula (MKF) in comparison with cysteamine 5% cream on the severity of epidermal melasma.
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Kligman formula

The first time, TRE was used in hyperpigmentation by Kligman in 1975. His statement showed that patients who getting TRE developed lighter skin after months of  efficacy, safety and tolerability of cysteamine 5% cream in comparison with modified Kligman's formula in subjects with epidermal melasma: A randomized … 22 Feb 2010 Dr. Kligman was hailed for inventing the widely used acne By 1967, Dr. Kligman and his colleagues had found the right formulation.

FORMULAS. 20/11/2008. Triada de Kligman/ Versión1.
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Triada de Kligman/ Versión1. A common pigment problem that affects women more than men & can be suppressed by depigmenting creams such as Arbutin mixed in a Kligman formula or  *Rejuvenating Cream(Bleaching cream 4 in 1)- or also known as Kligman's Formulation that moisturizes the skin. It also contains whitening and anti-wrinkle  Ayrton Senna - Formula One Champion Formula 1, San Marino Grand Prix, Jochen Formula 1. Sport Cars.

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It is used for treating a number of very tenacious hyperpigmentation illnesses: chloasma (pregnancy mask), ephelids (freckles), post-inflammatory residual hyperpigmentation (acne, eczema, contact allergy, etc… Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone (HQ) is the most widely used skin depigmenting agent. This agent has a moderate skin depigmenting effect and acts by reducing the number of melanin synthesizing cells in the epidermis. Formulations containing up to 2% HQ are allowed by FDA to be used for skin whitening in normal individuals.